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Because the Scorpione was a factory order special edition and technically an import, it is not recognised by the DVLA or most insurance companies, as is the esseesse. Due to there only being 10 Scorpione’s built in RHD for the UK it is easier to record them. I have managed to track down the registrations of all UK Scorpione’s

All registrations include the registration date in the UK


KX62 GYV   14/11/12

RX12 NNF    21/1/13

WV12 TYB    20/08/13

BP12 ZPN    23/08/13

LY62 YCS     04/09/13

330 OMX       04/11/13

WD12 UMK    01/12/13

WD62 PSX    01/02/14

LA62 RTV     13/03/14


P U N T O  E V O  S C O R P I O N E   R E C O R D S

KE62 PBV     21/08/13


Each Scorpione is recorded by Abarth and can be registered by the owner through their Cars of Special Interest- “Which are of Historical Special interest or Interest to Collectors” Through the official Abarth website.