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Santa Pod Raceway.....

I brought the car originally to try save some money after my previous car was a money pit when it come to tuning. I've always liked the abarth punto since it come out when I was deciding about a new car I just had to purchase one. And since that day I have never looked back. It's a blast to drive and so much fun. Not to forget the amount off attention it gets.

After owning the car for few months I then decided to get her remapped from 163bhp to about 180bhp. I still didn't feel it was quite fast enough even tho it was mainly due to the car I had before. ( stripped out seat Ibiza tdi running 320bhp 400ft lb )

Knowing the multiair engine was abit of a ballache to tune I still decided to go head and modify her. After speaking to Chris and Thodoris at multiair tuning and developments he gave me the confidence that they had cracked the multiair tuning. So I decided to start purchasing upgrades and software to read and write files to the ecu along with software to do data logs to give feed back to multiair tuning and developments.

The car is still in the tuning stages and I'm working close with Thodoris sending him over logs and reciving new files. Keep a eye on this space as i will be updating my results of the tune once it had been put on a dyno hopefully some time in January.


W H A T  M O D S  W E R E  N E E D E D  T O  G E T  T H E R E

Car engine spec

Custom remap by multiair tuning and developments.

Gt2056s off a iveco daily 2.8litre diesel converted to run external wastegate

Ferrari 599gto 400cc injectors

Universal intercooler

Multiair tuning and development stage 2 cam

Custom software on a tuning box to keep throttle fully open to 7200rpm

Fully custom 2.5inch exhaust to a small backbox. With screamer pipe

Tubular manifold with bottom mounted turbo

Greedy profec electronic boost controller

Aem wideband air fuel ratio gauge

Custom air intake


Mtech short shifter


H&r lowing springs

Forge subframe strut brace

Ebc drilled and dimpled front and rear discs

Yellow stuff front pads

Brembo performance rear pads

16mm spacers on front

20mm on rear


Carbon fibre front splitter

Carbon fibre rear boot badge

Carbon fibre mirror caps

Carbon fibre rear diffuser


270 BHP!

P A R T S   S O U R C E D   F R O M

Multiair tuning and developments