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I bought the car in February 2015 and remember thinking how great the car was straight from the factory and would be best untouched and original.
After a year of ownership and joining various forums it came to light that these cars were untunable and to see over 200 bhp was almost un heard of, so that seemed a bit of a challenge and 200 bhp was the target baring in mind 163bhp was standard so the research started.

I was aware the super sport and essesse was standard at 180 and the only mechanical difference was the air filter and Ecu map.
So that was the starting point,
BMC panel filter, the difference between this and the standard was incredible and after installing it I could hear a slight turbo flutter.
Next on the list was the exhaust.
After contacting a couple of custom exhaust fabricators I decided against getting one made as they don’t ask how much power you looking to run or any kind of performance related questions but they do ask about noise and how loud do I get want it to sound.
It’s simple I don’t care how it sounds, I care how it performs so I researched quality exhausts available for the car and decided to keep it Italian,
so after a little debate I opted for ragazzon only to find out they don’t do a decat pipe for their system so I jumped ship to supersprint and bought the complete system with middle and back box with decat.
Now ready for the remap, a quick run on the dyno showed 177 bhp a 14bhp increase by just changing the exhaust and filter, once mapped I hit 197bhp and was told if I had the intercooler it estimated around 210!!
I went home and called my father in law who happens to be a car guru
He suggested methanol injection, so I went to town researching the various companies and benefits.
After much research I decided on an Aquamist system because it’s British made and the only system to work off the PWM and have its own Ecu making it very easy to tune in.
I also opted for pre turbo injection which allows the turbo to be pushed a little harder.
Back to Avon tuning where they installed the kit but hit problems when trying to install the pre turbo injection bracket as there was no room in the original inlet pipe.
After much research I could not find a silicone version of this and to have a one off mould made was extremely expensive.
At this point the only other option was an induction kit so I approached forge motorsport with the problem and they offered to do me a custom induction kit housing the pre turbo bracket along with a custom intercooler to throttle body pipe housing the pre throttle body nozzle.
While it was in for development I got them to add their actuator and fit the gfb valve and to be fair it only took 3 days and the workmanship is flawless.
So back to Avon tuning again to be remapped for the second time, this tune produced 217bhp at 1.7 bar of boost and I was told that was all the turbo had to give and the injectors were running about 80% flow.
Although I was happy with this result, I wanted more so the research for turbos began.....
At this point most people went the td04 route and I wanted to try something different, owen Developments had developed a turbo for the multiair as a direct fit and although expensive at the time costing a little over 1600 there was very little work installing it and the gfb valve and forge actuator could be swapped over as well.
To add to the list as I was certain this would be it shit or bust I bought the forge intercooler, the Bosch 390cc injectors and what silicone pipes I could find.
By now it was November just had the first abarth day and the car handled poorly on the track and the brakes were awful and realised that the power was useless without the rest of the package to support it, but I still pushed on got the car back to Avon tuning for the third time with hopes of breaking the 250 mark.
I nervously awaited the results and was over the moon when I got 252 bhp/ 262ftlbs.
At this point a small company in Greece called multiair Tuning and Developments popped up offering a ported head and stage 1 cam claiming great results.
After many conversations with Chris I decided to take the plunge and send them my head and cam to see what could be achieved.
While this was going on installed new spax rsx coilovers and the dna top mounts along with the camber plates hoping to improve handling and without a doubt it drastically improved.
I had many issues with the mechanic I used to do the head work and when Avon tuning got the car it had lost a lot of power which was heart breaking when you expect to see gains.
It turns out they used a cheap gasket kit blowing oil out everywhere and in the process dented the door and front bumper.
When things go pear shaped it’s easy to lose interest especially when money is being spent out and getting no where.
I went to abarth and bought a gasket kit individually as they don’t do a set and this cost around 300 to my astonishment but I learnt the hard way that you can’t cut corners.
While the work was being done again, I installed the rest of the handling kit that dna racing had developed sway bars, drop links, front and rear anti roll bars and rear strut brace.
Back to Avon tuning, they worked closely with multiair Developments who produced the files required to map the now highly tuned multiair engine and without Chris and Thodaris the car would never have developed the way it did.
And even if only for a small time the car produced the highest bhp output worldwide and still produces the highest torque output running at 269.5bhp/275ftlbs.
This bring us up to date where the power has ripped the engine mount out dropped the engine and collapsed the driveshaft, so keep your eye on the mounts when increasing power.
As always I’m happy with the results the car performs great but the turbo is maxed out so it’s time for a new one, watch this space......


270 BHP!

Abarth day, maximum attack....

W H A T  M O D S  W E R E  N E E D E D  T O  G E T  T H E R E

> Odgt1755hta hybrid turbo.
> Aquamist hfs3 water/methanol injection.
> Custom forge induction kit housing pre turbo meth injection.
> Custom forge intercooler to throttle body alloy pipe housing pre throttle body meth injection.
> Forge Intercooler.
> Forge actuator.
> Forge silicone boost pipes.
> Forge header tank.
> Forge turbo blanket.
> Gfb dv+ valve.
> Bosch 390cc injectors.
> Full supersprint exhaust and decat housing a badlanze cutout valve.
> Mtech shortshifter.
> Powerflex gearbox mount.
> Multiair T and D stage 1 cam.
> Multiair T and D ported head.
> Multiair T and D custom map.
> Castrol edge 5w 40 oil, change every 3000.
> Final figures 269.5 bhp and 275ftlbs.
> To keep a close eye on what’s happening, I installed 3 pro sport evo gauges,
> Boost in bar
> Exhaust gas temp
> Air to fuel ratio.
> To keep the power down and the car on the road I installed,
> Spax rsx coilovers.
> DNA camber plates.
> DNA top mounts.
> DNA swing arms.
> DNA drop links.
> DNA front anti roll bar.
> DNA rear anti roll bar.
> DNA rear strut brace.
> Forge subframe braces.
> Axe wheels 18x8 front and 18x9 rear fitted with Michelin pss3.
> Prometeo engine skid plate.
> Which then leaves stopping which can be important sometimes,
> Tarox g88 discs all round.
> Tarox strada pads all round.
> Tarox racing brake fluid.
> Tarox braided lines.


DNA rear strut brace

PROMETEO engine skid plate

TAROX g88 discs

DNA drop links

> As you can see no expense has been spared on this project, the suppliers I’ve used have been excellent and I’ve always researched for the most competitive prices,
> Forge motorsport.
> Balance Motorsport.
> Aquamist.
> Multiair T and D.
> WG Motorparts.
> Badlanze.
> Go Fast Bits.
> Avon Tuning.
> TMC.
> Tech Autos.
> DCPerformance.
> Owen Developments.

C O M P A N I E S   U S E D